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In a distant future, humanity's colonization efforts on the planet KEPLAR-34g have gone awry due to the discovery of hostile fauna. Players take on the role of mercenaries hired by the Traxis Corporation to investigate the fate of the failed colonies and potentially reclaim the planet's resources. The game features a sci-fi world with four unique locations to explore, each with its own challenges and mysteries.

Players can team up in co-op PvE mode, engaging in high-skill combat against various alien opponents. With a Tarkov-style inventory system and RPG elements such as persistent perks and loot, players must navigate the dangers of KEPLAR-34g while balancing survival and profit. As they uncover the truth behind the failed colonization effort, they'll face moral dilemmas and tough decisions that shape the outcome of their journey. Ultimately, the fate of KEPLAR-34g lies in the hands of the players as they navigate through its treacherous landscapes and uncover its secrets.